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Vintage Silverware Bud Vase with Suction Cups | Silverplate Essential Oils Flowers | Up-Cycled Antique

Vintage Silverware Bud Vase with Suction Cups | Silverplate Essential Oils Flowers | Up-Cycled Antique

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This listing is for one bud vase with a suction cup made by hand from vintage silver plated knife handles. Most measure approximately 2-1/2”. They originate from various silverware patterns. Let me surprise you! (If you’d like to see what I have in inventory, please reach out!) Add a few drops of essential oils and either dried or artificial flowers - or water and fresh flowers to add some beauty and pizazz to your mirror, window, or other non-pourus surface! It can also be used as a hook and/or pen/pencil holder! 

Also available with vent clips for the car, etc. or magnets for the fridge, metal objects , etc. See my other listings. 

Clean, polish, cut, smooth, bend, bend, cuss, bend, sweat, bend, hammer, tumble, patina, buff. Sound easy? It’s painstakingly difficult but the end result … beautiful and unique! You can expect to see signs of its age and prior use but that just adds to it's uniqueness!

If you have your eye on this or any other piece, snatch 'em up. In some instances I have a few of the same pattern. In other cases, they are a one of a kind! Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good!

I hope you can appreciate the unique beauty and hard work that goes into these.

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Custom orders are my specialty! Let's design something together! Send me a convo and I will create a listing for you!

I no longer include invoices with my orders - and I may package in repurposed envelopes - I'm going green! I will send you an electronic invoice so you'll have a record of your purchase. When I ship your order, you will get a notification with a tracking number.

Please, please know that I am so very appreciative of each and every purchase you make from me, every time you leave a review (hopefully positive!) and each time you share my shop with your friends and family! Please consider this my thank you to you! xo

I'd love to see you wearing your purchase! Tag me on Instagram! #bangitoutdesigns @bangitoutdesigns

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