Things you might want to know ...

Bang It Out Designs (& Bawdy Bangles) is a woman-run small business. Kathleen (that's me!) is the artist behind the hammer. Each and every item you see here was personally designed and created by me by hand. Hand stamping starts with a blank metal object. Designs and letters are then hammered into the metal with great force, pushing the metal aside, creating a depression. Afterwards the object is often shaped, if it's a bracelet or ring for example, and then the impressions are darkened to give it contrast.

How to Care for Your Items  The majority of my items are food safe aluminum, however I also work in pewter, copper, alkemé, and stainless steel. The aluminum, alkemé and stainless items should last years without tarnishing if cared for properly. It's best not to wear your stamped jewelry when bathing, swimming or exercising to protect the patina. If you do find after time the color begins to fade, feel free to use a permanent marker or even nail polish to freshen it up. Wipe away the excess right away and if necessary, use a bit of nail polish remover if color remains where it was not intended.

How to Adjust Your Cuff Bracelet  It's best to adjust your cuff bracelet once to fit and remove comfortably. Repeated bending open and closed will weaken the metal and cause it to break. A great way to tighten it is to wrap your thumb and pointer finger along the length of the bracelet as if forming the letter C and give it a gentle squeeze. Store your jewelry in a dry place and in plastic or soft bags to prevent scratching. Shine it back up with a polishing cloth. Wear it in good health! 

Let's Design Something Together!   My favorite piece is always the one I design with you! Tell me your stories. Who is it for? What's the occasion? Tell me more about them! Together we can design the perfect, unique, one of a kind memento that I hope they will cherish forever! Reach out to me if you'd like to get started! Nothing is off limits. Nothing!

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