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Super Strong Picker Upper - Hand Stamped Magnet

Super Strong Picker Upper - Hand Stamped Magnet

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How many times have you knocked over your container of jump rings, screws or other itty bitty things?! Are you ruining your manicure trying to get your high end stamp shanks out of their tight box? I have the solution! I designed this out of need! Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say! This is the real deal!

Beautifully stamped, this sample shows nicely detailed orchids along the handle. On one end on the other side is the strongest magnet you can find out there!

Totally customizable! Do you need one with your name on it? How about your hubby‘s name? Is he always dropping his screws?

The only limitation is the space we have to work with.  Let's design something together! Nothing is off limits!

Each character and design is individually hand stamped by me in my studio in New Jersey. Each letter is hand aligned and punched into the metal, so the placement of the wording and designs will vary slightly from piece to piece. After stamping, I darken the impressions so they stand out. To retain the contrast, it is highly recommended that the piece is not exposed to excessive moisture (bathing, swimming, exercise). Materials: 12 gauge  6”x1/4" aluminum with that super strong magnet glued on back. Strong enough to pick up lots of items at once!

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