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Vintage Spoon Ring with Monogram (R)

Vintage Spoon Ring with Monogram (R)

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Ring created by hand from a vintage silver plate spoon. 

Clean, polish, cut, smooth, bend, bend, cuss, bend, sweat, bend, hammer, tumble, patina, buff. Sound easy? It’s painstakingly difficult but the end result … beautiful and unique! You can expect to see signs of its age and prior use. 

If you have your eye on this or any other piece, snatch 'em up. In some instances I have a few of the same pattern. In other cases, they are a one of a kind! Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good! 

I hope you can appreciate the unique beauty and hard work that goes into these. 

I will size it upon order. Sizes 5 through 10. Indicate size upon checkout. Thank you. 


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